On Monday, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani stated that Iran has no preconditions for talks with Saudi Arabia. He urged Riyadh to adopt a “constructive approach” to enhance bilateral relations.

Kanaani, in a televised news conference, emphasized that Iran is willing to respond proportionately to any positive steps taken by Saudi Arabia.

The diplomatic relations between Tehran and Riyadh, representing the major Shi’ite and Sunni Muslim powers in the Middle East, were severed in 2016. Both countries have supported opposing factions in proxy wars across the region, including conflicts in Yemen and Syria.

Last month, Iran announced that the delayed sixth round of talks between Saudi Arabia and Iran, mediated in Baghdad, would occur when the conditions are deemed suitable in Iraq. In May, Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister acknowledged some progress in the Iraq-mediated talks but noted that it was not sufficient.