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Piyush Goyal initiates Railways’ ‘Durga Puja blessing’, Kolkata Metro’s Phoolbagan Station

  • The main period of the undertaking, a 4.88-km stretch interfacing Sector-V and Salt Lake Stadium, was initiated by Piyush Goyal on 13 Feb metro news for Kolkata
  • Piyush Goyal hailed off the primary train from the new station to Salt Lake Sector-V and said the whole stretch of the hallway is probably going to be finished by Dec 2021

KOLKATA: Railway Minister Piyush Goyal on Sunday practically initiated the Phoolbagan Station of Kolkata’s East-West Metro passageway, depicting the augmentation of the line from Salt Lake Stadium as a Durga Puja present for the individuals of the metropolis metro news for Kolkata.

Goyal additionally hailed off the principal train from the new station to Salt Lake Sector-V, and said the whole stretch of the passageway is probably going to be finished by December 2021.

Piyush Goyal initiates Railways

metro news for Kolkata

“I am informed that before the following year’s over, the whole East West Corridor venture of 16.55 km (between Sector-V and Howrah Maidan) is required to be finished; ideally with no further hiccups coming up because of the Covid pandemic,” he said while initiating the augmentation of the line till Phoolbagan Station through the virtual mode.

Phoolbagan is the primary underground station to get operational in the East West Metro hallway, which ventures both beneath the surface and on raised tracks, and furthermore through submerged passages underneath River Hooghly.

metro news for Kolkata

M G Road in the north-south fundamental line of Kolkata Metro was the last underground station to be charged back in September 1995. All metro stations to get utilitarian after that are either raised or at grade level.

Goyal said the venture, which has endured defers inferable from a few issues, has been optimized since 2015 due to the individual intercession and checking by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The beginning of Metro administrations at Phoolbagan Station is a “Durga Puja blessing by the Railways for Kolkatans”, the priest said.

metro news for Kolkata

“The evaluations are that this line (East West Metro hallway) will be utilized by almost 10 lakh individuals by 2035. That itself will be a gigantic support of the individuals of Kolkata,” he said.

Goyal said however the undertaking was authorized in July 2008, next to no work had started till 2015.

“There were issues of land procurement, resettlement issues, and afterward the state government made us change the arrangement; these brought about immense deferral and cost acceleration,” the pastor said.

metro news for Kolkata

metro news for Kolkata

Work on the East-West Metro passage was likewise disturbed because of a mishap brought about by a spring burst in Bowbazar zone in focal Kolkata during boring activities in August 2019 metro news for Kolkata.

“On account of his (PM) centered checking of the undertaking, his own intercession, and inclusion, since he could understand that Kolkatans are confronting challenges because of traffic and deferral of this venture, he guaranteed accessibility of satisfactory subsidizing and usage of the task,” he said Kolkata station new update, Howrah railway station, chipper railway station, Kolkata railway station name, Kolkata station map, sealdah railway station, Kolkata metro update

Goyal said the augmentation of the line, business administrations on which will begin from Monday, will help associate better the IT center in Sector-V, numerous administration workplaces, the arena, and different spots with the old pieces of the city metro news for Kolkata.

It will take just 16 minutes to cover the 6.54-km separation between Sector-V and Phoolbagan. At the point when complete, the East West Metro will interface both Howrah and Sealdah stations, two of Railways’ busiest stations.

“It’s genuinely excellent that all the specialists and railroad authorities worked extra in the midst of the pandemic to finish the Phoolbagan Station in an ideal opportunity for Durga Puja,” he included.

The main period of the undertaking, a 4.88-km stretch interfacing Sector-V and Salt Lake Stadium, was initiated by Goyal on February 13 metro news for Kolkata.


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