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Farmers Protest updates Why do farmers want a written guarantee on MSP? Know what are their concerns

When Farm laws were brought, they caused some misconception among farmers?

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The main issue of the farmers’ movement against agricultural law is related to the Farmer’s protest for MSP. Farmers want to make the guarantee of MSP a part of the law, but only the government is being trusted.

The demonstration that is being done by the farmers against agricultural law is still going on. The initiative has been taken by the central government to go and talk, but before that the farmers’ organizations have cleared their stand. Farmers say that they need a written guarantee on the issue of MSP and Mandi. Farmers’ organizations are afraid that as soon as the new law lands, the MSP will start ending gradually. This is the reason that the MSP should remain forever, they want to include this thing in the law.

What is the fear of farmers?

India: Massive farmers protest against pro-business agricutural policies :  Via Campesina

Farmers’ organizations say that when the law enacted by the Center shows the effect, the APMC Act will be weak, which gives strength to the mandis. As soon as this happens, the guarantee of MSP will also end, whose direct loss will have to be borne by the farmer in the future. This is the reason why farmers want MSP to be made part of the law.

For this, examples of telecom companies were given by the farmers. According to the farmers, initially, telecom companies gave free data and when people became its adi, they increased the prices. The same is going to happen to them, after the law is implemented, corporate buyers can take the crop at a higher price, but after a year or two, when there is no pressure from the MSP, they will take the desired price. And then the farmer will have no option.

Along with this, there is fear in the heart of farmers about the mandi system. If there will be an open market outside the market to buy and sell crops, then the mandis will be weak, which may lead to closure of them. Farmers say that it is necessary to be strong in the market, because at present, they take money from the archeries according to their need, even if there is time for harvest. In such a situation, it helps the farmers, but it will not be easy to form such a relationship with the corporate.

A farmer said that some time ago he sold 200 quintals of the crop, he gave the crop to adhati and got the money at the rate of 1888 per quintal. But now I am not sure whether the next time MSP will get money or not, this need to remove this worry.

Centre prepones talks with farmers :

Farmers  protest for MSP

“It was decided that next round of talks will be held on December 3 but farmers are agitating, it’s winter and there’s Covid. So the meeting should be held earlier. So farmer leaders — present in 1st round of talks — have been invited at Vigyan Bhavan on December 1 at 3 pm,” ANI quoted Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar as saying Farmers protest for MSP.

What is the government saying?

The main concern of the farmers is about the MSP, the government is also continuously assuring the farmers that the MSP will not end. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar and other minister-leaders have assured this, but the farmers are not accepting it Farmers protest for MSP.

The farmers directly say that if the MSP is not to be abolished, then the government should include it in the law, but the government is not ready to agree on it. PM Modi also said in his address on Monday that during his government’s tenure there has been work to strengthen the mandi and MSP system, so why would he eliminate them.

Farm Bills 2020 What is MSP?

Let us tell you that the government fixes a minimum support price (MSP) for the main crops of cereals, oilseeds, pulses, etc. across the country so that farmers are guaranteed to get more than the cost of their crops. If the buyer is not found, the government buys the crop from the farmer at MSP through its procurement centers.

While determining MSP, many things such as cost of agricultural yield, change in prices, demand-supply, are taken into consideration. This is the reason that the concerns of farmers are less and they do not have to bear losses.

AAP MP Bhagwant Mann Slams Haryana Government Over Farmers’ Protest :


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