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Chhath 2020: These offerings of Chhath are beneficial for health, know their benefits

Sun is worshiped in Chhath Puja:

Chhath 2020 : latest updates

Today is the third day of this great month. Arghya will be given to the setting sun today Chhath 2020: latest updates.

The Bhoga offered to the sixth mother has special significance. The worship of Chhath is not complete without these offerings. These offerings to the sixth Maiya are very beneficial for health. Let’s know the specialty of these offerings.

Nine months later, when the time came to attain child happiness, the queen received a dead son. The king felt very sad when he came to know about this.

In child mourning, he made up his mind to commit suicide. But as the king tried to commit suicide, a beautiful goddess appeared before him.

Devi told the king that I am Shashti Devi. I offer people the good fortune of the son. Apart from this, I fulfill all the wishes of the person who worships me with a true spirit. If you worship me, I will give you the son’s gem. Impressed by Devi’s words, the king obeyed her.
The king and his wife worshiped Goddess Sasthi on the day of Kartik Shukla with full law. As a result of this worship, he received a beautiful son. Since then, the holy festival of Chhath started being celebrated.

According to another legend in the context of Chhath Vrat, when the Pandavas lost all their royalty in gambling, Draupadi kept Chhath Vrat. Due to the effect of this fast, his wishes were fulfilled and the Pandavas got the Rajpat back.


Chhath 2020 : latest updates

Banana is considered essential in the worship of the sixth Maiya. The sixth mother is offered a whole bunch of bananas and it is distributed as prasad. Bananas contain plenty of fiber which improves digestion.


Chhath 2020 : latest updates

The Prasad of the Thekku is considered most important in Chhath Puja. The prasad of Tekku is made by mixing jaggery and flour. Winter begins with Chhath. Jaggery helps in avoiding cold and keeping your health right. Therefore, the pheasant is considered healthy in Prasad.

Chhath Puja 2020 Katha / Chhath Puja Third Day:

Today is the third day of Chhath Mahaparva. Devotees will give the first Arghya ‘Sandhya Argh’ to Suryadev this evening. After this, worship is done in a methodical manner. After this, the story is recited. According to mythological beliefs, Surya Dev resides with his wife Pratyusha during the evening on the third day of Chhath Puja. That is why Pratyusha gets Arghya by giving evening arghya. Offering argyria to Pratyusha benefits. Let’s know the mythology of Chhath Vrat …

Legend of Chhath Vrat

Chhath 2020 : latest updates

According to the legend, there is an ancient time when there was a king named Priyavrat in a city. His wife’s name was Malini. They both had no children. The king and his wife were very unhappy with this. One day, with the desire to have children, Maharishi Kashyap performed a Konishi yajna. Rani became pregnant as a result of this yajna.

Chhath 2020 : latest updates

Dababh Lemon

Dababh Lemon is yellow on the outside and red on the inside. Dababh lemon is offered to the sixth mother as an offering. Dababh lemon is nothing less than a boon in the changing season. Vitamin C is found in it, it increases immunity and keeps the body away from many seasonal diseases.


Chhath 2020 : latest updates

Coconut is also offered to the sixth maiya. Coconut contains vitamins, fiber, carbohydrates, proteins and nutrients which help in keeping the body healthy. Eating coconut improves the immune system.


Chhath 2020 : latest updates

It is necessary to offer sugarcane in Chhath Puja. When offering arghya to the Sun, sugarcane is definitely included in the material of worship. It is believed that sugar cane is very much loved by the sixth maiya. In Chhath Puja, the Sun is first offered Prasad of the new crop, so they are offered sugarcane. Sugarcane is also very beneficial for health. It keeps the liver fine, in addition to sugar cane juice, it also helps in reducing weight.


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