All Your Questions About Sex During Pregnancy

About Sex During Pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy is sweet for both you and baby: It can help you sleep better, lower your force per unit area and even make you happier! Here are a number of the largest benefits of pregnancy sex.

  • It improves sleep:- Not only does pregnancy sex help you relax, but it releases the above-mentioned feel-good hormones as well.

All Your Questions About Sex During Pregnancy,You and your partner might’ve had lots of bedroom sessions while you were trying to conceive. But now that you’re pregnant, your feelings towards sex may not be quite so straightforward.
It’s completely normal if you feel uneasy about having sex during pregnancy, and it’s also understandable if you’ve got countless questions. Is it safe? Is it possible to do it comfortably? And specifically, is it even worthwhile if you’re feeling tired and would rather just conk out early?
Fortunately, there are many guidelines regarding sex during pregnancy — and some amazing benefits, too.

sex safe during pregnancy?

The short answer: yes. However, it’s always a decent idea to urge the green light from your practitioner first, just to make sure you don’t have any complications.
Another reason to discuss sex with your practitioner is if you’ve got a history of miscarriage or are at a higher risk for one. If that’s the case, she may suggest avoiding sex for the first few months.

Can sex during pregnancy hurt my baby?

If your practitioner has given you clearance to own sex during pregnancy, then it’s perfectly safe. The amnion keeps your baby warm and protected while you and your partner heat things up beneath the sheets. And if you’re concerned that your intimate activities might poke baby within the head, allow us to assuage your fears: Your baby is nowhere near where the main event takes place.
It’s also normal if you’re wondering if sex during pregnancy means you mostly have an audience. But fear not: Your baby can’t see what you’re up to, and has absolutely no idea what’s happening . Even if she’s kicking up a storm after you orgasm, that’s not a reaction to your pleasure — it’s just a normal fetal response to uterine activity. In fact, baby may well be enjoying the undulating motions synonymous with sex.

Will sex feel different during pregnancy?

It might, as you’re also accommodating surging hormones and a rapidly changing body shape. It can feel uncomfortable, exasperating or awesome. Some expectant mothers will experience an increased sensitivity due to engorged genitals that can result in more intense orgasms. But for other women, those physical changes cause them to feel less satisfied than usual.

All Your Questions About Sex During Pregnancy
If you’re within the latter category, there are some belongings you can try: Because the vagina and vulva are more swollen immediately, lubricants can help if you’re experiencing discomfort during sex. You can also use this time to spice things up within the bedroom by trying a replacement approach, be it head, manual stimulation or different positions.
If you’re experiencing any pain, however, make certain to contact your practitioner.