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Tracing post-pandemic future of styling

Tracing post-pandemic With lockdown continuing and all the key fashion and luxury events of the year like the Met Gala and Paris Couture Week getting canceled, a big question mark lurks on the future of fashion. With no Bollywood releases slated to happen in the coming months and all promotional tours getting nixed, it’s seemingly evident that in the post-pandemic world, styling will be far from the same.

One’s keen to ask our celebrity stylists – will red carpet glamour be the thing of the past? Will fashion editorials evolve into creating imagery realized with a fresh approach to address the problems and issues facing the planet? We got a panel of style arbiters to comment on.

Celebrity stylist Radhika Mehra hopes that post the pandemic stylists will be more conscious, cautious and compassionate. “We as stylists should aim to promote less wastage in terms of packaging and shipping that stems from calling for endless options for a simple requirement and consciously trying in every day and in every way we can to lessen our footprint. Let’s say no to fast fashion, let’s encourage sustainability and environmental consciousness – this is the current most urgent need of the hour,” says Radhika.

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A section of stylists sees both editorials and red carpet appearances becoming aspirational yet relatable.

Stylist Pranay Jaitly says, “We will get the opportunity to work with products produced and crafted in our own country and this would help in sustainability too. I see more designers focusing on Indian workmanship more than ever, which is a great step in times like these.”

Slow-paced fashion and inclusivity will continue to rule the style ecosystem. Stylist Meagan Concession says, “It is very difficult to Tracing post-pandemic the future, but I think it will be a while till styling is as glamourous as it used to be. Editorial fashion must reflect the way we feel right now – slow-paced, more inclusive, empathetic and rather relatable. If not, I’m not sure it will be relevant.” Meagan also sees a huge technology takeover.

According to celebrity stylist Eshaa Amiin, editorial styling will be able to bounce back faster with smaller teams at shoots unlike film shoots, which require a big crew. “More fresh digital content for editorials can keep it relevant. However, red carpet appearances and other photo-ops will take a while considering public gatherings will be a concern until the vaccine to cure COVID-19 is out. The industry will be more conscious about being responsible for Tracing post-pandemic and not creating opportunities for celebrities to be mobbed. I see promotions happening through radio, print, and digital interviews,” says Eshaa.


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