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Lockdown 4.0: New rules and regulations. How will different states implement it?

Lockdown 4.0 will be completely different and will have new rules . PM Narendra Modi made an announcement on Tuesday, wherein he confirmed that the country would witness the fourth phase of lockdown, which will have different rules than the three previous ones. The current lockdown is scheduled to end on May 17.

He said, “Lockdown 4.0 will be completely different and will have new rules. I am confident that we will, while fighting the virus while following the rules, move forward,”. He also added that the new rules will be based on suggestions made by the Chief Ministers of all the states, and would be announced before May 18.

In such a scenario and as per government officials, the state governments are working on the strategy for lockdown 4.0, during which containment zones might witness complete shutdown, while other areas might witness certain relaxations. It is expected that other areas might see resumption of almost all activities, apart from large social gatherings and educational institutions.

Lockdown 4.0 will be completely different and will have new rule

Public transport, along with taxis and autos, will likely resume services with certain restrictions on the number of passengers along with intra-district travel, except for the containment zones. Also, interstate travel might be allowed, but will be only for those with travel passes.

Officials in the know-how informed that under lockdown 4.0, educational institutions will remain closed, and most states are expected to declare summer holidays from May end to June.

Moreover, there might be specific relaxations, specific to certain states. While the Karnataka government is in the favour of resuming inter-state travel with mandatory 14-day quarantine for travelers, Kerala wants this service resumed, but with regulatory passes. Even Rajasthan is in favour of inter-state travel, while Bihar and Jharkhand are not in its support, and have requested the Centre to issue a guidance document.

Telangana will continue to be in lockdown till May 29, and might announce more relaxations in certain sectors. Kerala wants to resume services of local trains, metro, domestic flights, hotels and restaurants to revive the tourism sector.

Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh would probably allow resorts and hotels to open, but with limited capacity. Karnataka will likely open hotels, restaurants, and gymnasiums, whereas Andhra Pradesh has proposed to resume all activities, beside leaving the regions in containment areas.

As per the address by PM Modi, new lockdown rules would be made public before May 18, which will put end to all speculations.


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