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Today is the 5th day of the farmers’ movement farmers’ protest in Delhi.

Farmers are persistent in their demands. Delhi is surrounded from all sides by one side.

farmers protest in Delhi

What is on the borders of Delhi? Farmers had beds under the open sky. Their shelter has been built on the road itself. The farmers demand that the government talk to us unconditionally farmers protest in Delhi.

The standoff between farmers and the government showed no signs of easing as the farmers rejected the government’s ‘conditional offer’ for talks which depended on the venue change from Delhi borders to Burari’s Nirankari ground in the national capital and threatened to block the five main entry points into the city if their demands are not heard. The government has offered talks on December 3 and early talks if they move to the designated protest site in Burari. Watch the video for more details.

Khap panchayats of Haryana also came out in support of the farmer’s movement, the slogan of Delhi Chalo

Farmers are adamant on their demands against agricultural laws. Now more than thirty Khap Panchayats of Haryana have also come with him, who have given the slogan of Delhi Chalo.

Farmers who took to the streets against agricultural laws have started getting support from different sections. A large number of Khap panchayats of Haryana on Sunday announced the support of farmers on the issue of agriculture law and gave the slogan of ‘Chalo Delhi’ in their support.

On Sunday, a meeting of about 30 big khap panchayats was held in Rohtak, in which this decision was taken. This decision was taken in this meeting held at the house of Independent MLA Sombir Sangwan, in which Sangwan Khap also said to be involved. Apart from this, Palam Khap has also spoken about the support of farmers.

Farmer Protest: Why are farmers still demonstrating at Delhi-Haryana Border?

Now on Monday, all the Khap will hold their own meeting, after which Delhi Cooch will be announced and will be associated with the farmers in the demonstration. Khap panchayats say that the Annadata is on the roads in this winter season, in which case the government should talk without delay.

The farmers have been called for talks on December 3 by the central government. Simultaneously, an appeal has been made that the farmers go to a field in Burari, Delhi, perform there and find a solution to the issue through dialogue. However, the farmers have refused to move from their place and asked to do the same.

farmers protest in Delhi

Union Home Minister Amit Shah himself has assured that the government will start talking as soon as the farmers reach the grounds of Burari. Amit Shah also attended a meeting called by BJP President JP Nadda on Sunday. In which Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh were also present.

It is worth mentioning that the farmers’ organizations of Punjab had said to travel to Delhi on 26-27 November, but when the farmers were stopped at the border, then this demonstration has continued since then. Now farmers from Punjab, Haryana, and UP, Rajasthan are also getting involved in this demonstration and the number of farmers is increasing.


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