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Salman advises not to shake hands to prevent spreading of Coronavirus

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The spreading Coronavirus is fearing people to get caught by it. There are may assumptions and advice given from the people around. Until few days back, India has no news of striking with this virus but now that it has come here everyone is alerted.

Bollywood stars are also seen taking preventive measure to not get in contact with anyone suffering. Recently an Instagram post by Salman Khan shows that even Bollywood industry is getting extra careful.

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Salman Khan posted his gym picture where he his abs and body looks dashing.

While he is sweating out at gym, he even made an important point in his caption by saying, “Namashkaar … hamari sabhyata mein namaste aur salaam hai!

Jab #coronavirus Khatam ho jaye tab Haath milao aur gale lago….@beingstrongindia.

Take a look at the post below:

On the other hand, recently Hrithik Roshan visited a mall where all his fans were gathered to share their love and meet him.

But the actor was seen wearing black gloves on his hands which could be for avoiding contact with any virus and germs.

Many other celebrities like Ranbir Kapoor were spotted wearing the masks while they travel.

Staff at a major company have been told not to shake hands to prevent the spread of coronavirus. In mandatory internal guidance, they were told to avoid physical contact with others in the workplace.

They were also told not to put people’s business cards directly into their pockets but…

leave them out for several hours first.

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