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Astrologers draw parallels between actor Rishi Kapoor and Irrfan Khan’s life and death

Within a matter of two days, India lost two of its most distinguished and charismatic stars, Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor. The sudden news of their passing away left everyone in a state of shock. With the widespread outpour of grief across social media, we also saw various theories that tried to link the two stars, trying to make sense of their demise so close to each other.
One linked their age and year of birth and another talked about the similarity in their numerology number. Naturally so, it left many wondering if there was some astrological or numerological significance to their death.

Elaborating on the numerology aspect, Sunita Chabra, Astrologer and numerologist said, “The present year is 2020, which sums up to 4, which is also the numerology number of Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor (which is derived from birth dates); moreover, April is also the 4th month of the year. Now, number 4 is of Rahu and it leads to diseases and illnesses. They both were suffering from long illnesses. Additionally, in both Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor’s horoscope charts, Mars was influenced by Saturn. Incidentally, the planetary chart on 29 and 30 April also has the Mars-Saturn association.” Renowned astrologer Dr. Jai Madaan also stressed on the role of number 4 in the way the two events unfolded.

For the uninitiated, astrology defines 4 as a number ruled by Rahu, which is a massive planet capable of swallowing the sun or the moon leading to eclipses. And that is the reason Rahu Kal is seen as inauspicious in Vedic numerology. Now not only was Rahu their leading planet, but Rahu had also positioned itself with the moon from April 27.

Celebrity astrologer Nitin Manchanda explained, “Rahu with the moon gives rise to phobia and insecurity of mind, which is common in their profession. When Rahu-Moon conjunction takes place, Rahu eclipses moon and moon, which signifies our respiratory system, and the immune system gets compromised. And that is the reason why Irrfan succumbed to weakened immunity and Rishiji succumbed to breathing issues.” He further added that this Rahu-Moon conjunction is also the reason behind the spike in COVID-19 cases in the past few days as the virus grips people with compromised immunity and respiratory issues.

So if you are a number 4, should you be worried too? Experts say, no! According to Pt. Manav Jaitley, one must donate food to the needy to wade through the ‘4 effects’ of the year (2020 = 4). Moreover, with the coronavirus pandemic baring its fangs across cities, it is only recommended that you stay at home and practice all the important guidelines of social distancing.


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