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5 Easy Indo-Chinese Recipes: Lockdown Recipes

If there’s anything Indians love beyond traditional Indian food, it’s Chinese food; not the authentic Chinese food, but what we get in India in the name of Chinese food. Indo-Chinese food, here 5 Easy Indo-Chinese Recipes as it has come to be known now, is a glaring alliance of Chinese and Indian cuisine, but suiting more to Indian sensibilities. Our palate is used to the surge of spices and varied flavors in every bite we eat. And, this is what we want in all our meals, whatever the cuisine be. Indo-Chinese food is a perfect amalgamation of Chinese ingredients and Indian flavors. These Chinese foods recipes are easy to make at home, all that’s needed is patience and a little bit of creativity! 

Momos and noodles are a big part of our diet now, which most of us are missing terribly during this lockdown in the wake of Coronavirus scare. If you too are missing visiting the roadside stall to devour your favorite Indo-Chinese foods, why not make them at home. We know our kitchens are not really equipped to make foreign cuisines, especially during the quarantine period, when sourcing the ingredients might be a task. But, there are some Indo-Chinese dishes you can easily make at home with common ingredients already present in the kitchen.

5 Easy Indo-Chinese Recipes:


Indo-Chinese Dishes You Can Make During Lockdown:

1. Singapore Noodles

If you can’t find regular noodles pack anywhere, make Singapore noodles that are made with seviyan or vermicelli. It is a simple noodles dish and you can easily get the ingredients in your local grocery stores. In fact, you must be having some, already. 


Singapore noodles are made with vermicelli. 

2. Manchurian

Vegetables-filled fritters are fried and mixed with a spicy and tangy sauce. Manchurian can be easily made at home with ingredients you already use for Indian cooking.5 Easy Indo-Chinese Recipes.

3. Honey Chilli Potatoes

Potatoes are omnipresent in every Indian household. Crispy potatoes are tossed with honey, spices, and condiments like soya sauce. This is a delicious snack that you must try to liven up your tea-time.

4. Momos

Yes, you can easily make momos at home! Make the filling of veggies like carrots, cabbage, inion, and enclose it in a thin layer of maida or whole wheat. You can steam the momos in an idli steamer if you do not have the regular steamer at home.

Fried Rice.jpg

Fried rice is a quick and easy Chinese dish. 

5. Fried Rice

The signature Chinese dish can be replicated in your kitchen with minimal effort. Cook veggies of your choice and mix them along with rice, and smear it with soya sauce. That’s about it.

If you already know how to cook, these recipes should be a cinch for you. If you don’t know how to cook, your love for Indo-Chinese food should be enough to motivate you to start learning now!


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