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Delhi Violence Discussion In Parliament On March 11, Amit Shah Will Reply

Opposition had demanded a debate earlier this week, causing a ruckus in Delhi Violence Discussion In Parliament that led to repeated adjournments and the suspension of seven Congress MPs.

New Delhi: 

Parliament will discuss last week’s Delhi violence on March 11, a day after Holi, with Union Home Minister Amit Shah scheduled to reply, it was revealed today. Under pressure this week by the opposition to hold a debate, the government had previously refused to do so till after Holi, with Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla arguing that the time was not right.

Delhi Violence Discussion In Parliament On March 11, Amit Shah Will Reply

Opposition MPs had served notices in both houses of parliament demanding a discussion on violence over the citizenship law that scarred parts of northeast Delhi for four days. More than 50 people were killed, hundreds injured and scores of homes, shops and schools were vandalised and set ablaze by armed goons who spread terror.

Declining to hold a discussion, the opposition’s demand led to a tug-of-war that ensured repeated adjournments in both houses, allowing little time for any other business since parliament reconvened for the second half of the budget session.

On Thursday, the Lok Sabha Speaker’s decision to postpone any discussion till after Holi enraged members, some of whom throw paper balls and leaflets at the Chair.

Lok Sabha

A day before sloganeering and disturbances caused by opposition MPs led to the Lok Sabha being adjourned thrice. Some members were seen waving posters that called for the resignation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.

Matters deteriorated in the Lok Sabha after a scuffle between Congress and BJP MPs.

Protests were also lodged in the Rajya Sabha, where the Congress’s Ghulam Nabi Azad, the Leader of the Opposition, said the centre had “slept” as violence rocked Delhi.

Rajya Sabha chairman Venkaiah Naidu said the matter was “definitely important and deserves to be discussed” and that he would allot time for a discussion.

Day After Holi Parliament To Discuss Delhi Violence, Amit Shah To Reply

Meanwhile, the Delhi High Court will today hear petitions filed in connection with the violence; some of these are seeking action against BJP leaders whose speeches have been accused of inciting and perpetrating the violent attacks.

The hearing was ordered by the Supreme Court, which, on Wednesday, expressed disapproval over the High Court’s long adjournment of the matter.

Hate speeches by BJP leaders Kapil Mishra, Parvesh Verma, Anurag Thakur and Abhay Verma were seen as having a key role in the four-day mayhem.

The ruckus included the suspension of seven Congress MPs from the lower house for the rest of the ongoing budget session of parliament.

On Wednesday Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla had said the discussion would be pushed to after the festival of Holi, a decision that enraged members; they responded by throwing leaflets and paper balls at the Speaker.


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