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Song of Hope by 60 doctors groove to ‘Happy’ to raise awareness on mental health

Song of Hope even as the country is grappling with the coronavirus crisis, the impact of the subsequent lockdown may have a considerable impact on mental health, with many struggling to cope with isolated living and anxiety issues. To spread awareness of mental health issues, a group of doctors has come up with an interesting way to drive the gloomy mood away.

In a video, which has gone viral on social media, Song of Hope by 60 doctors from across India grooved to the beats of Pharrell Williams’ popular song “Happy”.

Shared on the Instagram page ‘The Ministry Of Memories’, the idea was conceptualized by three doctors — Dr. Pooja Nadkarni Singh, Dr. Sheetal Sawankar, Dr. Unnati Mamtora along with Rahul Kedia and Bhavesh Solanki, who edited and combined the videos together.

“A group of three doctors approached me asking how to do a video if one wants to promote mental health. So, I suggested the Song of Hope by 60 doctors and told them that we needed to get in touch with doctors from all over the country and guided them on how to shoot the video and send it”.

Watch the video here:

Calling it a “Song of Hope”, Kedia said it took three days to release the clip. “The idea was to promote mental health because all of us are stuck in our homes and are not able to go out. Because there is so much seriousness around in the situation we are right now, we wanted to give it a lighter touch,” he added.

Since being shared online, the video has gone viral on several social media platforms and prompted encouraging reactions, with many thanking the Song of Hope by 60 doctors for their gesture and service.


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