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Donald Trump suspends H-1B, H-4 visas till year end

WASHINGTON: Donald Trump suspends H-1B, H-4 visas till year end. The Trump administration on Monday extended the freeze on issuance of “green cards” for new immigrants and suspended range of work visas for foreigners, including all H-1B and H-4 (for H-1B spouses) till the end of the current calendar year.
The suspension will not affect those already in the US on the visas. The Optional Practical Training (OPT) that most foreign students are eligible for after they graduate in the US also remains unaffected.


But also suspended are L1 visas (for intracompany transfer) and J1 visas (widely used by doctors and researchers), although there will be exceptions for those working on the coronavirus pandemic.
A senior administration official told journalists in a background briefing that the measures, decreed through an executive order by President Trump, would be temporary (till December 31), and would free up 525,000 jobs for American workers.

  1. The suspension will not affect those already in the U.S.
  2. Not only H-1B, H-4 Trump suspended L1 & J1 visas further.
  3. This is only restricted to the year end.

But the President had also issued directions for a broader reform of the H-IB visa regime that will replace the current lottery system with a merit based system that will favor those who are offered the highest wages.
“This will drive up both wage level and skill level. It will also eliminate competition with Americans for entry level jobs,” the official said, adding that the President had also directed that all loopholes enabling outsourcing of jobs should be closed.
The reforms will ensure that jobs go to those who are paid the highest wages and America gets the best and brightest talent, the official added. In Video:Trump administration suspends H-1B, H-4 visas till end of 2020

Trump suspends H-1B visas : Top US lawmakers urge Donald Trump to revoke suspension of H-1B, other foreign work visas

At least three top American lawmakers insisted on the need to mend the H-1B programme instead of not ending it.

Trump suspends H-1B visas
The H-1B programme plays a crucial role in addressing shortage of health care professionals while also providing other key sectors of US economy, an Indian American Congressman said. (Reuters File Photo)

Top American lawmakers have urged President Donald Trump to revoke the temporary suspension of H-1B and other non-immigrant visas.

“I’m deeply disappointed by President Trump’s misguided order to suspend these key work visa programmes. I urge him to reverse this decision to help ensure our health care system and broader economy are ready to combat the next phase of (coronavirus) pandemic and to create the jobs we need for our economic recovery,” Indian American Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi said.

The H-1B programme in particular plays a crucial role in addressing dangerous shortage of health care professionals while also providing other key sectors of our economy with talent from around the world to not only fill jobs, but create new ones, he said.

“Suspending this programme will only weaken our economy and our health care workforce at a time when the need to strengthen both is as clear as ever,” Krishnamoorthi said.

This is not the right approach, said Senator Democratic Whip Dick Durbin and Congressmen Bill Pascrell and Ro Khanna after Trump’s decision to bar H-1B and other work visas through the end of the year.


“We need to mend the H-1B programme, not end it. Instead of suspending H-1B visas, the Trump Administration should ask Congress to pass the H-1B and L-1 Visa Reform Act of 2020, which reforms the H-1B program with a scalpel, not a sledgehammer,” the three top American lawmakers said. They have introduced a bipartisan legislation, which they said would protect American workers and end the abuse of the H-1B programme to outsource American jobs and exploit workers, while ensuring employers could still hire talented immigrant workers when no qualified American is available to do the job.


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