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Top Terrorist Surrounded In J&K Encounter; 2 Killed In Separate Operation


A top terrorist commander has been pinned down by security forces conducting an anti-terrorist operation in the Beighpura area of Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama district, J&K Police confirmed this morning. In a separate encounter in Sharshali village of the district’s Pampore area, two terrorists have been killed by security forces. Both encounters are still ongoing, with heavy firing reported.

Sources have said the terrorist in the Beighpura encounter is a high-ranking terrorist commander and one of Kashmir’s most wanted. After the encounter, which began at 9 am, started, mobile internet service was suspended across all 10 districts of Kashmir Valley.

“Contact established in the third operation at Awantipur. The top terrorist commander is trapped. Exchange of fire on. Details shall follow,” J&K Police tweeted at 9.07 am.

Minutes earlier the police tweeted: “The third operation launched by Awantipur Police last night on a specific input too is in progress at Beigpora Awantipora. Senior officers monitoring since last night”.

The Pampore operation was launched at 11 pm on Tuesday. The targets were located at 12.15 am Wednesday and pinned to a cluster of 15 houses, from where an automatic rifle was recovered.
Security forces have surrounded the remaining terrorists.

Over the past month at least 22 members of the country’s security forces, including army officers, have been killed in the Kashmir Valley.

This sudden spike in encounters, coming amid reports of infiltration by highly-trained terrorists from Pakistan, poses a major security challenge even as the country fights the COVID-19 crisis.

On Sunday two senior Army officers – a colonel and a major – were among five security personnel killed in action during an encounter in J&K‘s Kupwara district. A sub-inspector and two soldiers also lost their lives.

On Monday, there was an attack on a CRPF (central reserve police force) team in the same area that led to three personnel being killed.

J&K Police have said that three separate anti-terrorist operations have been launched in the south Kashmir area. This morning one terrorist was killed during a joint operation by the Army and police.


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