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Quarantine 50 people of the same family in Corona

Indore. (Satyanarayan Sharma) Shivaji Marg, a posh area of ​​Badnagar, has been sealed from all sides. Six people of the Vaidya family living here have died. Two of these deaths have been confirmed to be from CoronaSDM Ekta Jaiswal said that three quarantine centers have been built in Badnagar. Two centers housed 19–19 people, while one center housed 30 people. 50 people of the Vaidya family have been quarantined. 16 people of this family have been sent to Indore for treatment. 
The first death in the Vaidya family was on 30 March. Corona was not infected then examined. The family considered it a normal death. Eight days later, another family member Nilesh also died. During this time, the panic of Corona had spread throughout the state. Nilesh was investigated. The report came after his death, which was negative. After this, there was a series of deaths in the family. A third death occurred on 20 April. Three more deaths occurred after that. It is said that Nilesh went to many cities including Indore to buy clothes for Akhtij, from where he got corona infected. 

The team is knocking from house to house, the
the administration is working hard to ensure that the situation does not get serious. The administration team reaches this area from morning to morning. People are being instructed to stay in homes and give information about the sick. Every house is being knocked and cautioned that no one should hide about the disease. Statistics are being searched for people of every age group.

20 zone critical of Indore, lockdown followed properly

The central team in Indore, which is involved in the hotspot, has prepared the report after visiting. In the report sent to the central government, the team has written point-by-point talks about the critical zone, containment area, and lockdown. Improvement in some is said to work better in some. Abhilakshya Likhi, the chief and additional secretary of the central party, earlier on Saturday spoke to the incident commanders appointed in hot spots through video conferencing and asked how they are handling the arrangements. It has been reported in the report that 171 containment areas have been declared, out of which 20 zones are critical. The lockdown in the city is well maintained. Now more sampling-testing needs to be done.
At the same time, three mail nurses are also included in the recently released investigation report of 56 patients at MYH. It is being told that his duty was engaged in the Kovid ward. Currently, all three have been admitted to MR TB Hospital.


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