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Delhi Borders Sealed, Why Metro Services Affected, live updates of farmers protest Haryana farmers protest in Delhi

Farmers Protest To Delhi: Haryana has sealed borders with Punjab today and tomorrow after orders from Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar.

On Haryana Bridge, Tear Gas On Farmers, Tractors Push Back Police Vans

Nerve Gas, Water Cannon Used On Farmers Heading To Delhi Protest March: 10 Points Farmers protest in Delhi news

Farmers Protest To Delhi: Haryana has fixed fringes with Punjab today and tomorrow after requests from Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar.

New Delhi: Thousands of farmers heading to Delhi in work vehicles and by walking for dissent have prepared for an encounter with security faculty posted by BJP-administered Haryana, which has set up blockades to impede them. Poisonous gas and water guns were utilized on dissenters toward the beginning of today.

Farmers from six states – Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Kerala, and Punjab – are massing for a two-day “Delhi Chalo” challenge new homestead laws that they dread will remove their dealing control and permit huge retailers to have more command over costs. The Delhi government has would not permit any meeting in the city, referring to the Covid episode. Delhi’s fringes at Gurugram and Faridabad have been fixed and metro administrations have been influenced by Farmer’s protest in Delhi news.

Haryana farmers protest over Central ordinances; Police files FIR as  Cong-BJP lock horns

Here is your ten-point cheat sheet on this real issue

  • Sensational visuals from Haryana toward the beginning of today demonstrated farmers attempting to eliminate the police blockades as nerve gas and water gas were utilized on them. The state has fixed fringes with Punjab today and tomorrow after requests from Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar. Prohibitory requests restricting enormous social occasions have been forced in the state. Haryana has likewise suspended transport administration to and from Punjab for two days and redirected all traffic from the obstructed streets.
  • The previous evening, Haryana police utilized water guns at any rate twice, in the freezing cold, to scatter fighting farmers and prevent them from going to Delhi. However, that neglected to stop the dissenters, who walked on, halting at Karnal and Sonipat for the night “The farmers are challenging every one of the three laws by the middle. Rather than taking this bill back, the farmers are being halted from fighting calmly. Water guns are being utilized on them. Such a sort of treachery on farmers isn’t reasonable. Serene dissent is their sacred right,” Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted earlier today.
  • Delhi metro administrations will be confined and prepare to neighbor urban areas will be suspended today till 2 pm to abstain from swarming, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation tweeted. Metros heading to Delhi would be halted at different stations before state outskirts due to the meeting, said officials.
  • Numerous farmers from Punjab stayed outdoors at the Haryana fringe and undermined a demonstration fight any place they were halted. The Bharatiya Kisan Union (Ekta-Ugrahan) has guaranteed that more than two lakh farmers related to it will enter Haryana Why Delhi Borders Sealed, Why Metro Services Affected, live updates of farmers’ protest?
  • The farmers have brought proportion, vegetables, wood, and different basics for the walk. Taking into account the chilly climate, they have additionally loaded blankets, covers and covered their streetcars with canvas. Harmeet Singh Kadian, an individual from the Bhartiya Kisan Union, stated, “Right around 600 to 700 work vehicle streetcars are prepared to walk to Delhi for challenge new homestead laws. We have adequate food material with us for a half year. Every farm truck streetcar is hefting around 22 individuals.”
  • A guard of farmers and hostile to cultivate bill protestors making a trip from Madhya Pradesh to Delhi, driven by lobbyist Medha Patkar, was halted close to Agra by the Uttar Pradesh specialists. Medha Patkar has been captured.
  • In a progression of tweets, Akali Dal boss Sukhbir Singh Badal hit out at as of late antagonized partner BJP. “By preventing Punjabi farmers from calmly practicing vote based rights, the focus is rehashing 1980 when the Akalis were halted from entering Delhi to dissent,” his post read. The Prime Minister’s Office, he stated, must mediate “to guarantee that this is halted quickly and the Annadatas are not hassled and mortified”.
  • The fights come a long time after the middle cleared three laws intended to bring changes and improve farmers’ income by permitting them to sell their produce in the business market, anyplace in the nation.
  • Farmers and resistance groups, in any case, need the laws revoked, saying these could prompt the public authority halting purchasing grain at ensured costs, a move that would disturb discount markets which have so far guaranteed reasonable and convenient installments to farmers.
  • The middle has called the farmers for the second round of dealings on December 3. The first round a month ago fizzled as both the Agriculture Minister and his delegate didn’t appear. The farmers at that point chose to come to their meaningful conclusion with the large dissent walk including around 500 rancher associations.


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